Clean(er) Air

SARS-CoV-2 is airborne; it hangs in the air like smoke. With proper ventillation and air purifiers, you can reduce the level of virus in a given room in addition to other benefits.


  • COVID is Airborne - Comprehensive resource for understanding airborne transmission (Website)
  • How Can You Clean the Air? W.A.T.C.H. (Infographic)

Air Quality Monitoring:

  • CO2 Monitors
    • Studies and Considerations
    • Brands and Links to Buy
      • In-depth comparison post on 6 of the best monitors (BreatheSafeAir)

      • Aranet4 ($250+ on their website)
        • Very portable, long battery life, manual calibration with 30 days of memory when paired with your spart phone
        • Also tracks humidity, temperature & atmospheric pressure
      • Vitalight ($36.99 on Amazon)
        • Very portable, low battery life, manual calibration is tougher to achieve compared to Aranet4, no connectivity to other devices
        • Straightforward and affordable device for determining risk

    Air Purifiers

  • Studies and Considerations
  • Getting your own air purifier