Eye Protection

While they aren't believed to be the main vector for COVID-19 transmission, it is still worth it to protect your eyes from potential exposure if you can.


  • Studies and Additional Information:
  • Considerations:
    • You don't necessarily need to buy specific brands or types to get some protection for your eyes
    • "Tips for Wearing Glasses with Masks" (Article from AAPOS)
    • "4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From COVID-19" (Video. March 2020.)
      • helpful video for people who wear glasses, contacts, or eye make-up on best practices from an ophthalmologist
  • Brands/Links to buy
    • Article with a list of recommended eyewear (Rolling Stone. Dec 2021.)
    • Stoggles ($33.99+shipping)
      • Peripheral protection similar to safety glasses
      • ANSI Z87.1 Certified
      • Prescription and non-prescription available

    Eye Drops Containing Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) 0.01%

  • Definition: a quaternary ammonium compound commonly used as a preservative in ophthalmic topical solutions. The activity of BAK against SARS-CoV-2 is not well understood.
  • Studies and Additional Information:
    • Research on the brands LUMIFY and BESIVANCE (Study by BAUSCH. Nov 2020)
      • The research study linked above was done by Bausch, Lumify’s manufacturer
  • Considerations:
    • Not approved by FDA for prevention of COVID, has not undergone human clinical trials for this use (AFAIK-9/17/2023)
  • Brands/Links to buy: